Our Story


Duncan, Lily, Fiona, Issy & Darren Cameron

I have been involved in farming all my life, growing up on our commercial merino and stud Angus property south of Hamilton. I enjoyed working as a nurse for 23 years and ran my own merino flock from the age of nineteen, registering a merino stud in 1999.

Darren and I married in 1995, moved to Koonik in 1996 and we now have three beautiful children. We are predominantly a broad-acre farm producing wheat, barley, oats, canola, beans, lupins, vetch, lentils and safflowers.

Initially my sheep business focused on merinos but I realised this was not achieving my goals and I needed to make a change, to have ease of management and find an answer for the mulesing issue. I searched and trialled other breeds but found the Dohne Merinos ticked all the boxes. I was attracted to Dohne Merinos because of their dual benefit of producing high quality meat and white, soft, well nourished merino wool.

Koonik Dohne Merino Stud was established with the purchase of top stud rams and selected ewe genetics from Uardry and Macquarie Dohne Stud in 2008. We also bought stud ewes from the Potari Dohne Stud dispersal sale in 2010.

Koonik is situated 65 km west of Horsham, 21 km NE of Goroke, in the West Wimmera of Victoria.

Our Dohne sheep have proved themselves to be most adaptable in facing the challenges of extreme weather conditions. At Koonik our average rainfall is 450mm but in recent years we have experienced drought with hot dry dusty summers, cold winters and floods with humid weather.

Prefix: KDS202


Health Status:

Accredited Brucellosis free and OJD negative HT-J 350 faecal test July 2013. Gudair vaccinated for 7 years.